It is no secret that a common denominator existing between most wealthy individuals, is real estate. The secret though, is WHY?  There are many reasons…. In the big picture, real estate investments could include direct property ownership, mortgages, and debt or equity securities. Each has it’s own risks and each has it’s own benefits. Direct ownership allows for a tangible object, something that cannot be taken away, outside of mortgage or tax liens. Many people prefer this type of investment because there is a certain level of control that may be exercised. Rental properties provide residual income that can last a lifetime, your permanent  homestead creates a safe environment for your family with potential tax free gains, while ranches and recreational properties encourage priceless memories to be made as appreciation builds the asset for future generations. Texas is one of the leading states in the nation for positive real estate investing due to abundant job opportunities, favorable tax benefits, a positive business environment, and rapid population growth.

At Legacy Ranch Real Estate, we regularly assist professionals that are serious about letting their money work for them.  One client might purchase a producing hay farm to generate revenue and income while taking advantage of tax benefits from owning an agricultural business. Another one might purchase a live water property that has been untouched or neglected for years. With a little elbow grease and vision, it could be transformed into an equestrian showplace. And yet another might purchase a land holding specifically with minerals, in a proven area, that is later developed to their benefit.

The possibilities are endless, but you must take the first step and explore the options. In the real estate markets, we have lived and worked through the slow but steady growth of the  1990’s, the exploding values of the mid 2000’s, the “crash” of the late 2000’s, and the recovery of the present. Many lessons were learned during this era, making us all wiser and more attentive. There may not be a better time in the forseeable future, to involve real estate in your investment portfolio. Please call us if you are interested in learning how real estate can help you achieve your financial goals.