“How can I manage the brush on my ranch to improve wildlife habitat and nutrition and enhance the aesthetics at the same time?”, “Are there any local or state programs available that would assist me financially in developing my new ranch? If so, how do I apply for them?”, “I live out of state but want to build a hunting lodge and purchase blinds and feeders for my ranch in Texas. How do I know who is reputable and who will give me the best deal?”

We have the answers to all of those questions as well as most others you can think of when it comes to the rural lifestyle. We are connected throughout south and central Texas to building contractors,  ranch equipment suppliers, wildlife biologists, local retailers, as well as county and state NRCS staff.

We can provide a wide range of services from assistance in the preparation of proposals for agricultural and wildlife exemptions to the full implementation of wildlife management plans. Above all else, we want the purchase of a property to be just the first step in an ongoing friendship. As evidenced by the testamonial letters on the “Our Company” tab of our website, total strangers become life long friends that reach across multiple generations. Allow us to be an instumental part of making your dream come true.